Product Sonar

Conglomerates use dedicated pricing teams
Smart hardware stores use Product Sonar.


Increase Profits

You’re leaving money on the table. Everyone increased their price, but you were busy talking to suppliers. Find out which products are priced well below market rate in the Below Market tab.

Identify Overpricing

Everyone else dropped their price this week. You were busy helping a big customer and didn’t realize. Find out which products are priced above market rate in the Above Market tab

Find Opportunities

Your competitor decided to drop a major brand.  You were busy looking for inventory and didn’t realize. Find out which products your competition is dropping in the Assortment Changes tab

Track Commodities

Watch Specials

Compare Similar Products

View Market Rates

Custom Linking

Export to Excel

Prices are Local

Major Banners Tracking

Weekly Data Refresh

We collect data from a lot of places


sku’s registered and counting


physical locations and counting

Setup once, read reports weekly


Store Selection

You tell us which specific store in your neighbourhood you would like intelligence on.


We scan select products at those locations (you tracked products) every week.

Comparison Linking

We link your products with exact and similar products at your competition’s store.


We report back winners/losers, price drops, sales and so much more.

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We’re focused on hardware stores

We only accept clients who are hardware stores or brands selling products to hardware stores.

We have data other companies don’t

Our data platform can even reach companies like Home Depot and other tough sources.

We’re not #1, so we try harder

We aren’t the category leader yet, but we certainly will be because we’re relentlessly focused on being better.

We continue to improve

We’re dedicated to improving the platform every day. That means you continue to get a better view of your competitors.

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