Price Tracking and Analysis for Hardware Stores

Your pricing isn’t as
competitive as you think.

Product Sonar shows Canadian Hardware Stores what their local market is charging. Use our data to make better pricing decisions.

  • Online service
  • Pricing data for your local market
  • Updated daily or weekly starting at $59/mo

We know a lot about market pricing


unique sku’s


major retailers


physical locations


validation checks

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Monthly Price Reports

Know your local market’s prices when you do your monthly price updates. Quickly compare with other stores in your market and price with confidence.

Weekly Quick Reports

See how prices are changing in your local market over the week, 90 days and YTD. View category trends at a glance or dive into individual products. You get the relevant prices, see the fluctuations and make better decisions.

Weekly Change Log

Get your hands dirty in the raw data with our spreadsheet attachment. If you do your own spreadsheet analysis, this is an easy format you can quickly import.

Make Pricing Decisions With All The Data

See alternative pricing on popular products that are available at multiple local stores. Get a better picture of the market price and competitor positions within that.

Get ‘in the know’
Your bottom line will thank you later.

How good is your lumber price skills? Try your hand at Stick Trivia!

Plans for every size

Product CategoriesWeekly UpdatesDaily Updates
Small30 (max 1.8k SKU)$59/mo$89/mo
Medium60 (max 2.5k SKU)$109/mo$179/mo
Large90 (max 5k SKU)$149/mo$269/mo

*custom integrations and plans available starting at $300/mo

Free Market Report

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